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near Victoria, England (United Kingdom)

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London fast tourism in 4 days and get juice.

Third day - activity summary:
1.- Visit to the famous Chelsea and Buda Neighborhood.
2.- We will pass by the St.Luke's Garden and its Church
3.- We will use the Metro
4.- We will visit the Trocadero and M & M shopping area
5.- New visit to Covent Garden Market
6.- We will pass through the Trafalgar Square and Almiranty Arch
7.- Siesta and visit in St James's park Lake
8.- Tour of the Thamesis
9.- We will go up in the London Eye

********************************************** ************************

Once we had breakfast in the "Bed and Breakfast" where we were staying, we started the day back to Victoria Station,
Chelsea Bridge
St Luke´s & Christ Church
Marca de posición sin título
Covent Garden Market
Admiralty Arch
Trafalgar Square
St James´s Park Lake 1
St James´s Park Lake 2
oakley st Chelsea
Tower Bridge
London Eye
Westminster Cathedral
London Trocadero
We take the subway to Piccadilly Circus Blue Line called Piccadilly is the 4th station there is no loss.
Victoria Palace
M&M Store


  • Photo of Sergio Q

    Sergio Q Mar 5, 2014

    El que mas me gusta de los recorridos de Londres.

  • Photo of Mordoc

    Mordoc Jan 20, 2018

    Gracias por las rutas que has subido al wikiloc, las descargo y me las llevo para Londres. Un saludo

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