620 61 1


5.81 mi

Elevation gain

407 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

407 ft

Max elevation

878 ft



Min elevation

602 ft

Trail type

  • Photo of Linton to Cracoe circular
  • Photo of Linton to Cracoe circular
  • Photo of Linton to Cracoe circular
  • Photo of Linton to Cracoe circular
  • Photo of Linton to Cracoe circular
  • Photo of Linton to Cracoe circular


3 hours 15 minutes




October 23, 2018


October 2018

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878 ft
602 ft
5.81 mi

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near Threshfield, England (United Kingdom)

We spent a night at the Fountaine Inn at Linton, near Grassington, and in our room we found this walk of about 6 miles.

From the pub turn left, then left again onto the B6265 in the direction of Skipton. After a few hundred yards veer right onto a clearly marked track. You'll know you're right when you cross a disused railway bridge.
Carry on along this track until you reach the main Skipton to Grassington road, and cross to the track on the other side. Carry on up the track with Swinden Quarry to your left. Eventually you reach a gate onto the open moor. Go through this and continue a little while until you reach a stream. Turn hard left here , dropping down to the stream, which you cross on stepping stones, before ascending to a gate.
From this gate head across a couple of fields to a barn you pass to the left of. From here cross fields to a gate leading on to a green lane and follow this to the village of Cracoe.
Turn left and walk into Cracoe, where refreshments are to be found.
Continue on the road out of Cracoe, and whre it bends left, take the lane to the right, signposted to Appletreewick.
Turn left at Threaplands farm after a few hundred yards, then take the track to the right passing between farm buildings.
From here follow the footpath back to Linton. Some of it is very clearly marked with bright yellow painted markers, so you shouldn't get lost.
Finally you reach Linton and finish where you started.


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