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near Britanski trg (Hrvatska)

This walking trail takes you through leafy affluent areas of Zagreb. Its highest point is the beautiful meadow Cmrok which offers a great vista of the city. On the way back it follows Jurjevska street, famous for the amazing early 20th century villas. It connects with the Upper Town via Ilirski trg - a place which hides one of the best cafes in the City: Palainovka. Stop here for refreshment and then continue to explore three of the Zagreb best museums - Mestrovic Atelier, Croatian Museum of Naive Art and Museum of Broken Relationships. Finish your walk at the Ban Jelacic Square (main Zagreb square).

This is a Zagreb Honestly recommended walk that reveals a new character of the City: its lesser known green areas that are easily accessible but not very well known. Perfect if you want to stay in the city but still experience some nature.

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Museum of Broken Relationships

This museum needs no further marketing - it's possibly the best known tourist sight in Zagreb.

Croatian Museum of Naive Art

Excellent museum of Croatian naive painting.

Mestrovic Atelier

A must-see smallish but exquisite museum where you can view some of the best work of Ivan Mestrovic - a great Croatian sculptor.

Palainovka coffee shop

This is one of the cosiest and best hidden coffee shops in Zagreb. It used to be a favourite hide-out of Croatia's great writer Antun Gustav Matos. This is your half-way point where you can rest before exploring Upper Town museums.
Sacred architecture

St George's chapel and the old cemetery

Old Orthodox cemetery hidden in the churchyard of St George's chapel. Have a peak behind the chapel and admire old, moss-covered tombstones.

Cmrok - city vista

This summit is a beautiful meadow offering great views of the City and the Mirogoj cemetery.


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