Time  one hour 55 minutes

Coordinates 94

Uploaded July 4, 2017

Recorded July 2017

566 f
71 f
3.3 mi

Viewed 11 times, downloaded 1 times

near Rifle Range, Queensland (Australia)

Koala trail to Tarampa Store
  • Photo of Grey Gum
  • Photo of Grey Gum
Grey Gum
  • Photo of Koala corner
Koala corner
  • Photo of First table
First table
  • Photo of Large picnic table
Large picnic table
  • Photo of Gate at Henson swamp
Gate at Henson swamp
  • Photo of Dam farm
Dam farm
  • Photo of Corner Jensen swap road
Corner Jensen swap road
  • Photo of Path
  • Photo of Tramps store
Tramps store
  • Photo of Cross path
Cross path
  • Photo of Path out
Path out


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