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near Oświęcim, Województwo małopolskie (Polska)

I have visited the Auschwitz II - Birkenau camp, located at three kilometers from "Auschwitz I" camp in the Polish town called Oswiecim.
It was a very interesting visit from the historical point of view.

I have added waypoints with images, for those not having the possibility to visit the place, to see a bit as it was here where many people died unjustly .... we know the history very well.

To view it in detail, it takes about two hours, admission is free and there is a bus that takes us from the "Auschwitz I" camp up to this every 30 ".
I suggest to visit first the Auschwitz I before Auschwitz II-Birkenau.
Important to enter the information office and purchase the field guide what explains each area quite well and has marked the map with the locations of buildings.

He visitado el campo de concentración Auschwitz II - Birkenau, que se encuentra a tres kilómetros del campo Auschwitz I en la ciudad polaca llamada Oswiecim.
Ha sido una visita muy interesante desde el punto de vista histórico.

He ido añadiendo los way points con imágenes, para los que no tengan la posibilidad de poder visitarlo, puedan ver un poco como era este lugar donde murieron injustamente tantas personas.... la historia ya la sabemos bien.
Para poder verla con detalle, se requiere entre una y dos horas, la entrada es gratuita y hay un autobús que nos lleva del campo Auschwitz I hasta este cada 30".
Os aconsejo visitar el Auschswitz-I antes que el Auschwitz II-Birkenau.

Importante al entrar en la oficina de información, comprar la guía del campo, explica bastante bien cada zona y dispone de su mapa señalizado.

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B III Camp Sector III

Camp sector III (under construction) "Mexico" Chimney flues were built inside, and the smoke passig through them was supposed to heat the whole interior (taken from guide-book).

BI A Woman's camp

21-JUL-11 18:10:23

BI b Woman's camp

21-JUL-11 17:52:20

Bus Museum

21-JUL-11 18:29:11

Bus To Bikerna

21-JUL-11 16:59:21

Commander's Headquarter

21-JUL-11 19:15:25

Death Barrack

21-JUL-11 18:18:21

Death Gate

21-JUL-11 18:24:51

French's memorial

21-JUL-11 18:11:27

H II Unloading platform

21-JUL-11 17:23:52


Memorial site

KII Crematory and gas chambers

Crematorium IV was partially destroyed by Jewish prisioners during the revolt on the 7th October 1944 (taken from the guide-book)

Latrines and washrooms

21-JUL-11 18:02:24

Monument Victims of Fascims

Between the ruins of crematoria II and III there stands the International Monument to the Victims im Auschwitz, which was ceremonially unvelled in April 1987 (taken from the guide-book).

Rail way

Opposit the tower (Death's Gate) the railway unloading platform can be seen, where the most of the deported Jews from Hungary arrived (taken from the guide-book).

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