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near Kami-toba, Kyoto (Japan)

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From the accommodation Hostel Bird I take the subway at "Marutamachi station" and we get off at the Jujo station in just over 20 minutes we are already at the start of the Fushimi Inari.
This route that is circular, must be done walking its 4 kilometers, the whole journey is made between Toriis, all of different sizes and dimensions. As I imagined many people through the door and in the main hall, after passing through this area we reached the thousand doors of Toriis.
While we are going up Mount Inari of 233 m. We will go through different temples, reaching the Yotsu-tusji intercession, place where you can go back and do not need to do it whole, I see that many people go around, so as someone told me not to be overwhelmed by the photos in the toriis principle because it is almost impossible to do without people, for the part above you will find to do them. Effectively after the middle of the tour we found places where there are no people, we can make lots of photos. You will also find some viewpoints where you can see the city of Kyoto.
Keep in mind that if it's hot you need to drink, so take water, because as you go up prices go up. At the entrance to Fushimi Inari you will find many street stalls to eat, access is free, in this area kimonos are rented and people wear them.
At the end of the tour I kept walking to Kyoto station to buy a train ticket to Tokyo and then I went to the neighborhood of Gyon and the area of Pontocho.

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