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Moving time  2 hours 24 minutes

Time  3 hours 45 minutes

Coordinates 1628

Uploaded December 24, 2018

Recorded December 2018

501 f
-3 f
6.26 mi

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near Is-Sellum, Il-Mellieħa (Malta)

Supermarket stop to put the calories back on follow the main Rd down to bay and then turn right to follow coastal path to my start point .
  • Photo of Outcrop into bay
  • Photo of Looking back opposite way to milleha. Red tower in distance
  • Photo of The next objective
  • Photo of There is a steepish path down to beach. But not for me.
  • Photo of Across to the next viewpoint.
  • Photo of Natives on the beach?
  • Photo of The beach
  • Photo of The pill box beach
  • Photo of Old farmhouse but shooting birds from it so i want hang around.
  • Photo of Walking up rd towards back of mehelha.
  • Photo of Walk up one of the oldest roads in malta up to the selmun il  palazz
  • Photo of The arched well. But i wan't be drinking the water
  • Photo of Back to tarmack rd
  • Photo of The lady of mercy chapel
  • Photo of Photo
  • Photo of What goes up must come down so back we go
  • Photo of Over  the dam
  • Photo of Sledge tracks. As used before the wheel had been invented.
  • Photo of Photo


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