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Recorded November 2016

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near Shenyang, Liaoning (China)

This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It's very accessible, and compares favorably to the Beijing Forbidden City, which it predates. The Qing Dynasty launched from here to take over all of China and then build the Forbidden City Palace in Beijing.

The track includes a short walk from a river park in southern Shenyang to the subway station, then a subway segment (straight line), then a walk to the Imperial Palace and around it's interior. Finally, the track includes a taxi to the Korean Section of town where authentic Korean food and other things Korean can easily be found. .

In late 2016, all things Google are blocked in China. There is not a problem to use Wikiloc on your cell phone, but It's recommended to get the off-line Wikiloc map download for Liaoning Province and use it to record or follow tracks. It's offline so it should also work without a service provider or WiFi. It provides enough detail and is properly geo-referenced. Google satellite view is also geo-referenced, but not Google maps. the default Google map and satellite view are unlikely to display on your cell while in China under normal circumstances (apparently an issue between Google and China). Track viewing can use Open City Map in China.

River Park Walk

There are nice walks in this part of Shenyang, along an inland segment of the river.
Train stop

Subway station

Descend to Shenyang's modern, easy to navigate subway system, we needed a bit of local help to operate the ticket machines first time.
Train stop

Subway station

Nearest exit subway station for the Imperial Palace

Enter through old city Gate Tower

Information point

Ticket kiosk area

As usual, an admission fee, well worth the price.
World Heritage Site

Around the Imperial Palace

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World Heritage Site

Round throne room

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Korean town

Stop taxi at beginning of an area of Korean restaurants and shops.

Korea restaurant area

Plenty of Korean restaurants to choose from on this area.


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