Time  54 minutes

Coordinates 879

Uploaded May 16, 2017

Recorded May 2017

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318 ft
148 ft
3.52 mi

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near Hinxton, England (United Kingdom)

This short walking trail leaves the Wellcome Genome Centre in Hinxton and explores the small English Village of Hinxton. I started this walk just outside Mulberry Hall at 52.08237°N & 00.18427°E. The grounds are very green and lush with walking trails populated by lots of birds, squirrels, and hares. Upon leaving the grounds of the Genome Centre turn left heading 326° at the roundabout at 52.07921°N & 00.18826°E.
A short stretch along the A 1301 has no established walking or biking path so extreme care must be taken when venturing along this way. I turned onto New Road at 52.08328°N & 00.18584°E to get into Hinxton. Turn right onto High Street at 52.08289°N & 00.18291°E. High Street hosts the historic Red Lion Inn. Keep right at 52.0882°N & 00.18291°E onto North End Road. This exits at the A 1301 at 52.08882°N & 00.18318°E. From her a right turn along the A 1301 leads back to the Genome Centre. I found a really nice trail past the pond located at 52.08144°N & 00.18196°E through the black steel gates there. I explored the many short walking trails out there as far as the railroad crossing located at 52.07862°N & 00.17935°E. I just continued the short loop through the Genome Centre on the way back to Mulberry Hall.
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Staring Point.

This waypoint sits outside Hinxton Hall.

A 1301 Roundabout.

This waypoint sits at the A 1301 Roundabout...

New Road.

This waypoint sits at the corner of New Road and the A 1301..


This waypoint sits at the corner of New Road and High Street in Hinxton..

A 1301.

This waypoint sits at the intersection of the A1301 and New Road...


This waypoint sits on the bridge at the campus Pond...

Railroad Crossing.

This waypoint sits at the Ickleton Road Railroad crossing...


  • Photo of Trini Hiker

    Trini Hiker May 16, 2017

    Very lovely grounds and trail....

  • Photo of Trini Hiker

    Trini Hiker Jan 3, 2018

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    Very lovely grounds and trail....

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