• Photo of Hèvremont
  • Photo of Hèvremont
  • Photo of Hèvremont

Moving time  one hour 7 minutes

Time  one hour 23 minutes

Coordinates 864

Uploaded November 19, 2020

Recorded November 2020

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1,231 ft
943 ft
3.07 mi

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near Hèvremont, Wallonia (Belgique)

this short walk alternately follows gravel forest roads and narrow forest rails, with a short bit of asphalt near the village. There's a steep bit down into a river valley in the middle, but you can skip it by following a forest road around.
There's room for a few cars at the starting point, but other parking spaces are available if you drive a bit further south on the main road.


  • anthonycoucou Jan 16, 2021

    Belle balade sous le neige.

  • anthonycoucou Jan 16, 2021

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    Belle balade sous le neige.

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