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near Parel, Mahārāshtra (India)

Queensway‬ walk in Parel to see the route taken by Prince of Wales in 1875 along the way are present many historical monuments from the 5th to the 21st century!
Starting from Parel Station which is one of the heritage place itself, With https://www.facebook.com/Khaki.Tours/
Some of the places covered in The Queensway Walk:
• The story of how and why Kingsway and Queensway were built.
• A bridge that was manufactured in Scotland and a railway loco workshop that has manufactured engines for World Heritage sites.
• The Church of St Mary's, the Virgin
• KEM and Wadia hospital
• The location from where the first tram started its journey.
• A private temple that displays the owner's family tree over 10 generations.
• A unique twin shivling.
• The house where Dr. Ambedkar stayed as a student.
• Legendary hospitals of Parel.How a humble educationist became a part of the movement that ensured Mumbai was turned into the capital of Maharashtra.
• The hall in which the first British royal to visit India conducted his durbar.
• A hill made of pillow lava that once housed the only 'Parsi Madresa' in Mumbai.
• An ancient shrine housing the Tiger Goddess.How the plague epidemic changed the shape of Parel and Mumbai.
• A centuries-old ‘hero stone’ that commemorates an unknown battle.
• The show stopper of the walk was a magnificent 5th century towering shaivite bas-relief

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