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near Carbla, Western Australia (Australia)

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Visit to Hamelin Pool. marine reserve near the town of Denham, in Shark Bay, northwest of Australia. The place is one of the only places that exist in the world where you can still find stromatolites, structures formed by microorganisms (mainly cyanobacteria or oxyfotobacteria) and that populated the earth in abundance many millions of years ago. Being the first photosynthetic organs that existed in this proportion contributed large amounts of O2, which would be fundamental for the subsequent development of the rest of beings that needed this element. This is the reason why they are considered living fossils and Hamelín Pool is the place where they can be seen with great ease and in abundance. They would have some similarity with the current corals, which are also good producers of O2 (together with all the trees and other plants).
The route is a simple walk in which we walk on platforms that allow us to contemplate the stromatolites comfortably. Then we went to some very curious shells.
World Heritage Site


World Heritage Site



Cantera de conchas

Cantera de conchas


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