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near Rønge, Central Jutland (Denmark)

Short introduction

A short, but very nice walk in a beautiful Ice Age landscape! The pictures was taken on a cold and grey day in March - still lovely, but nothing compared to summer!

Equipment needed

Boots, shoes, sandals - just leave your stilettos at home. Nothing else.


Make sure you give yourself a check-up after your walk - there are lots of ticks in this area. You might also see grass snakes (snoge) and common vipers (hugorme) here.


Not suitable for strollers/prams/wheelchairs.


Please keep your dog on leash at all times and remember to bring all your garbage with you back to the bins at the parking lot!


Stay on the paths - make sure you don't destroy the heather. During the summer the fenched areas are grazed by sheep.


I suggest you start by walking back to the road - that way you'll get past the "boring" part first (the road).

Pay notice to the small pond on your right - sometimes you can find stjernesnot (star snot) on the brink. It's "leftover" ovaries from frogs and toads, that birds of prey leaves. When you reach the road turn left. When you reach the factory, go down their driveway and find the entry point to the path. It might be a bit difficult, but look at the picture at the waypoint and find the corroded gate.

Follow the path down to the river and continue upstream to the left. After 120 meters you'll reach a small ground with picnic-tables, an outhouse and in the summer a small dock for canoes and kayaks. There's even a very small waterfall.

Find the yellow arrow and follow it up to the road. Make sure you stay on the left side of the fence - the other side is private. When you reach the road cross it and walk 60 meters until you find another yellow arrow.

Follow the arrows through the forest and through the gate. Continue up the hills and in a few hundred meters you'll reach the top. From the gate to the top there is a height difference of 38 meters - an average increase of 20%.

Enjoy the view - I've often seen different deer on the fields below.

Keep following the arrows passing the memorial stone and through the gate. Just after the gate you can go left to take a short cut down the stairs. You'll end by the amphitheater. Otherwise continue to follow the yellow arrows along the edge of the "bowl" made by the ice 10-15.000 years ago.

Go through the gate and down the stairs and turn left. After app. 100 meters you go through yet another gate and a bit further you'll reach a road. You'll find the amphitheater on your left and when you follow the road to the right (through a gate :)) it'll lead you back to the parking lot.

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Stairs to the top



A bench with a great view over Busbjerg. Perfect spot for watching the sunset.


Every year since 1946 there has been open air theater here. In 2016 it was Around the World in 80 Days and in 2017 it will be Ronja Røverdatter. In the late spring and early summer the place will be buzzing with activity.

Shortcut to the left

If you want to shorten your walk a bit, you can turn left here down the stairs. Otherwise just continue straight out.


"Poet of the Homeland"





Enter by yellow arrow

Mooring point

Boating dock for canoes and kayaks


Make sure you stay on the northern side of the fence

Follow the path to the left of the fence - not the "road" to the right of the fence.


Bring your own TP!



Enter here



Parking - free

Picnic site


    You can or this trail