2.14 mi

Elevation gain

627 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

627 ft

Max elevation

385 ft



Min elevation

155 ft

Trail type



5 hours 39 minutes




August 23, 2015


August 2015

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385 ft
155 ft
2.14 mi

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near Nobscot, Massachusetts (United States)

Garden in the Woods (180 Hemenway Road, Framingham) is the headquarters and botanic garden of the New England Wild Flower Society. It has acres of natural woodland and gardens. It displays the largest landscaped collection of native plants in the Northeast.
Only 21 miles from Boston, Garden in the Woods is a magical spot unlike any other botanic garden. With sharp, glacier-made ridges spilling into narrow valleys, its two miles of meandering paths lead through a towering canopy of trees to a pond, a wooded bog, numerous springs, and an ever-flowing brook. Set among 45 acres, this living museum displays a wide variety of common and rare native plants displayed in naturalistic settings. For families looking to teach their children about the natural world, for adults who can’t decide between a stroll in the garden and a walk in the woods, and for anyone curious about the diversity of New England's wild flowers and woody plants, Garden in the Woods offers a unique experience in a tranquil and beautiful place. Snacks and drinks are available at the Garden Shop, which sells a beautiful selection of native plants as well as tools and gifts. Visitors are welcomed to picnic on the patio outside the education building. Garden in the Woods is open to the public from mid-April through October 31. There is an admission charge to enter the area, but I found it quite worth it. I'm sure depending on when you visit the "Garden" you will see different plants and flowers. There are plenty of walking paths to use, as well as very cool benches. This is a family place, so bring everyone! I got plenty of flower photos while there. There also are a number of very informative signs throughout the "Garden". From my tracks you can see we did some wandering - those are edited tracks as we spent considerable amount of time at each location. If enjoy a very natural area in a city, take a look at this spot! Visit their website at
Happy trails to all!
Car park

Parking Area


Picnic Area/Education Center

Information point

Visitor Center/Store

Store with souvenirs and snacks. This is also where in pay the admission fee


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