2.11 mi

Elevation gain

23 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

0 ft

Max elevation

35 ft



Min elevation

-3 ft

Trail type





March 18, 2018
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35 ft
-3 ft
2.11 mi

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near El Grao, Valencia (España)

A winter walk around the harbour, which serves as harbour to the larger city of Castellón de la Plana. There is a working port for larger ships, a dock exclusively for fishing boats, and near-shore moorings for smaller pleasure boats. There are lots of restaurant options, several were very busy with locals in the off-season, and our hosts favoured two of these. The area apparently carters to larger numbers of tourists in the high-season.

Recorded in January, 2018.

Rest. Rincon del Marinero

This restaurant was busy in the off season , is located along an inconspicuous side street on the edge of town, and has an attached parking area (at the start waypoint).
Religious site

Town, Church area

Walk through the small plaza in front of the Church, the "Plaça Miquel Peris i Segarra". The decoration around the main church doors is beautiful.
Mooring point

Fish Dock

The dock was quiet on the day with continuous moored fish boats, not crewed up. Not sure about the high-season for fishing, times for going to sea, landing, and marketing the catch. Plenty of contented cats were sleeping in the sun on top of the fishing gear stored along the docks. Nets were strung out for repairs by hand.

Terra Milles

A seafood restaurant with outdoor seating along the fish dock. Apparently very popular with locals during the off-season.
Mooring point

Harbour promenade - south end

South end of promenade along the inner harbour, pleasure boat moorage on nearby docks. Clear blue waters with abundant fish visible.
Mooring point

Harbour promenade - north end

Better views of the commercial port area from here. The town Casino is along this section.


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