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Uploaded February 2, 2018

Recorded January 2018

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near Vila-real, Valencia (España)

Pleasant walk along a reservoir and river just east of the town or Villa Real. This track only covers the inland section of a more lengthy walking path network. Some paths are narrow, and the route requires a squeeze under a natural rock obstacle, and crossing of the river on raised stepping stones.

Route recorded in January 2018.

Fountain in roundabout

A very iconic water feature of Villa Real, with central artwork. This marks the beginning of the recorded track, made on a cold January day. In the hot summer the fine spray would likely make it a bit more steamy, evocative of nearby beaches.


A modern well provisioned grocery store, ideal to get water and snacks for the hike. Large parking lot.

Pont de Santa Quiteria (s.XIII), BIC

The Carrer Encarnacio crosses over this ancient single-lane bridge. It has a rough stone base. There are convenient pedestrian alcoves along the north side of the bridge, where one can stand safely when vehicles are approaching. There are paths down to the river and the base of the bridge, accessible from near its eastern end.

Hike along the west bank of reservoir

Walking south through tall reeds along the west bank of Mijares.

Reservoir, Dam

A dam here creates a lengthy reservoir to the north, In January the river to the south of the dam was almost dry.

Frutibema Bridge

A large bridge, apparently build on ancient lines. Current Route N340A crosses on this bridge. The age of the bridge is unclear. There are very old ruined engineering works (apparently irrigation) on the west side of the river near the bridge.


Cross from west to east bank. Easy crossing at low water, in January. Not sure about other times of the year.


Country rocks of the area are well exposed on east bank; a poorly consolidated conglomerate.

Forest area and cactus

A small gravel road leads to the riverbank.There are young orchards planted here. Footpaths supposedly cross to the west bank the river, but could not be located on the day.

Pedestrian and bicycle path


Park along riverbank

Waypoint on top of river bank; shade trees here. There are walking paths to the river bank and under the bridge. Ruins built on a more ancient foundation are a prominent feature of this part of river bank.
Sacred architecture

Emita de Sta. Quiteria

A single lane road descends from the side of the church, and crosses the ancient bridge.
Birding spot


Sea birds seek shelter along the reservoir here.

Narrow path

Heading north on a footpath that follows an irrigation canal along the west side of the river.

Low passage

It is s tight squeeze to pass a rock outcrop by bending under a short, low passage.


The aqueduct continues through the town of Villa Real. Parts appear to be original, excavated from the country rock?


After climbing up a lane from the river path, arrive back in town of Villa Real.

Los Domingos Hostal

A restaurant and basic accommodation, with an adjacent small colourful plaza. Quiet shaded streets in area


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