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Moving time  2 hours 37 minutes

Time  4 hours 14 minutes

Coordinates 1805

Uploaded April 12, 2019

Recorded April 2019

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1,017 ft
339 ft
6.47 mi

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near Dalginross, Scotland (United Kingdom)

I found this walk on https://www.walkhighlands.co.uk/perthshire/deils-cauldron.shtml and then followed a similar Wikiloc trail. You follow forest paths and gravel roads, with a few hundred meters on a quiet local road. You can skip the hike up to the monument if you want. The Wee and Deil's Cauldron are very nice to see, as is the landscape on the northern end of the walk. We spotted a red squirrel, a rabbit, birds of prey and deer along the way.

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Red squirrel

the native red squirrel is being supplanted by the eurasion grey one, but this one seemed to feel right at home

Little cauldron


Deil's Cauldron


View from the monument

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  • pamela.cooper54 Jun 21, 2020

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    The walk is easy if you didn’t take the climb to the monument. The walk was spectacular and enjoyed by all the family. It encompasses everything - river walk, waterfalls, fields and woodland. Definitely a walk we would do again.

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