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Central Park - Center (New York) 12-12-2009 7:32

The first experience a few miles away at Central Park was so rewarding that I could not resist repeating it. Other days we crossed it day or night, very dark, without problems, but this time I wanted to see some parts of the park that are not just on the perimeter.
In the early morning, and with less coldness than the last time, I went to the entrance to the park that is just in front of the American Museum of Natural History (certainly a place that is highly recommended if you like nature museums) and I started with the same sense but trying to go in between. The first was to visit the castle called Belvedere Castle that stands in front of a small lake the Turtle Pond. Then to The Lake, and finally I approached the perimeter to see the Dakota building and the Strawberry Field gardens where there is the mosaic on the floor in memory of John Lennon. I have reached the other corner of the park, to The Pond and have walked through The Mall to the statue called Bethesda Fountain. For The Ramble I went to Beldevere Castle again. It must be said that there are streets for cars that cross the park and there are places where you have to look for the bridge to go from one side to the other, in this case you have to pass over the 79th Street. I have arrived at the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir that can not be crossed through the middle and must be bordered. Then to Fort Clinton and Block House No. 1 in the middle of North Woods. Again the great central lake and back to the entrance to the museum just when it started to rain a little.
You have to walk a lot and often to get to know all the roads of this magnificent park thoroughly !!!
Archaeological site



Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir

Archaeological site

Block House Nº1 (North Woods)


Natural Museum

Natural Museum


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