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near Peníscola, Valencia (España)

A castle town and historic fortress on the Mediterranean Sea. Visited in the late afternoon of Jan 14, 2018, as darkness was falling. The ocean views before sunset were very colourful and peaceful. There were few people around at this time of day in the off-season.

A day trip might include the castle admission and the beach is very popular in summer.

Walk lanes above harbour and sea cliffs

Narrow streets with great views out to sea. Restaurants, shops, accommodations.

Along Calle Principe

There are large off-street patios facing the Sea in this area, great views. A small Maritime Museum has an admission fee.

Sea views from cliff-top plazas

Fishermen cast from a balcony to the sea about 40 meters below.

Faro de Pensicola (the Lighthouse)

The Lighthouse and nearby streets.

Castillo de Pensicola and Plaza Armas (the Castle)

Admission fee. "The Templars constructed this Roman piece on remains of a former Arabic construction at the beginning of the XIV Century. The Castle was used by Pope Benedicto XIII, the Pope Luna and his successor Clemente VIII as the basilica pontificia. For this reason Pensicola became the third Pope See worldwide together with Rome and Avignon. The fortress was declared a National Historical Monument in 1931."

Beach Views at dusk

not many people at this time of day in the off season.

Escuales del papa Luna (Pope's Stairwell)

"The Pope's Stairwell is part of a secret entrance leading to the bastion. As legend has it, they weere built in the space of just one night by Pope Luna." There are great views to the north over the beaches.

Bateria del Calvari

"This bastion forms part of the reconstruction of the Renaissance fortifications. It was built during the Reign of Philip II, who visited the city in 1563" (more detailed description on photo).

Placa de Bous

A large plaza at base of walls, on way to the beach. Lots of restaurants here.


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