Time  2 hours 42 minutes

Coordinates 3500

Uploaded April 15, 2018

Recorded April 2018

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near Petersfield, England (United Kingdom)

This walking trail starts at the corner of Gwydir Street and Mill Road at 52.19968°N and 00.13988°E. Turn left heading 131° along Mill Road. Turn left at the junction of Mill Road and Brooks Road at 52.19626°N and 00.15592°E. Continue heading 15° along Brooks Road. Turn heading 318° onto Coldham’s Lane at 52.20082°N and 00.15711°E. There is a partially covered pedestrian and cycle bridge at 52.20704°N and 00.14726°E. Keep left at the intersection of Coldham’s Lane and the A1134 at 52.20760°N and 00.14477°E. A right turn at the intersection of Coldham’s Lane and the A1134 at 52.20760°N and 00.14477°E leads to the Leper Chapel of St. Mary Magdelene located at 52.21388°N and 00.15257°E. This place is worth having a look. Continue heading 61° along the A1134. There is a roundabout at 52.20871°N and 00.13817°E. From there I entered the Midsummer Commons at 52.20804°N and 00.12920°E and walked diagonally across the commons to the River Cam. There is a nice foot and cycle bridge crossing the River Cam at 52.21245°N and 00.12838°E. The magnificent Jesus Green is located at 52.21263°N and 00.12055°E. Here there are many options for activities along the river, snacks, food, drinks, and river punting tours. I proceeded along the river heading to Quayside at 52.21143°N and 00.11824°E. You’d find a lot of activities and eateries along Quayside. From there I turned heading 179° along Magdelene Road past St. John’s College of Cambridge University at 52.20915°N and 00.11757°E. Its worth at stop at Cambridge Round Church located at 52.20839°N and 00.11867°E. I turned right along St. John’s Street at 52.20833°N and 00.11839°E heading 219°. Great St. Mary’s Church is along the way at 52.20529°N and 00.11787°E on Trinity Street and its worth the stop. From here I turned along Trumpington Street and continued to 52.20189°N and 00.11809°E onto Pembroke Street. Then onto Downing and St. Andrews Streets at 52.20315°N and 00.12346°E. From here turn right onto Regent Street and Park Terrace at 52.20214°N and 00.12478°E. Then turn right onto Parkside at 52.20412°N and 00.12732°E and just continue current heading across the A603 onto Mill Road back to the starting point.
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Starting Point.

This waypoint sits at the starting point of this walk at the corner of Gwydir Street and Mill Road.

Brooks Road Intersection.

This waypoint sits at the intersection between Brooks Road and Mill Road.


This waypoint sits along the A1134.

Midsummer Common.

This waypoint sits at the entrance to the Midsummer Common from along the Maids Causeway.

River Cam.

This waypoint sits at the River Cam.

Jesus Green.

This waypoint sits at Jesus Green.


This waypoint sits along the walkway at Quayside.
Religious site

St. John's College.

This waypoint sits at the gate to St. John's College.
Religious site

Cambridge Round Church.

This waypoint sits at the front of the Cambridge Round Church.
Religious site

Great St Mary's Church.

This waypoint sits at the front of Great St. Mary's Church.

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    Trini Hiker Apr 15, 2018

    I have followed this trail  View more

    A must do trail... It's a good walk but not on an overcast, rainy, or chilly day... I did it on a day when it was only 10°C and windy so that felt slightly uncomfortable...

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