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Recorded June 2019

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near Three River Junction, Wyoming (United States)

A short easy walk in a very interesting and diverse thermal location. "Black obsidian (volcanic glass) sand gives this geyser basin its name. Oranges, greens, and other colors in and around the hot springs come from thermophiles (heat-loving micro-organisms)." The Cliff geyser makes frequent impressive eruptions. The vapors from these springs are not smelly and seem to have a attractive medicinal effect.

All the thermal locations in Eastern Yellowstone Park have unique features, so we didn't get tired of visiting them one by one in different weather and at different times of day. Sometimes the intensity of eruptions can vary significantly from one visit to the next.

This track was recorded in early June 2019, using the free off-line Wikiloc Wyoming State map download.
Adequate paved car and bus parking and toilet facilities.
During our visit the Cliff Geyser erupted several times and once it reached a significant height.
The Green Spring has lots of thermophile coloration. From this location we also observed a significant Cliff Geyser eruptions.
A small bridge near a trail junction. The steam clouds from nearby springs are dense and not smelly. When they gently waft over the boardwalk some visitors treat it like a spa location.
Along the northern branch of a T-shaped boardwalk layout.
Along the southern branch of a T-shaped boardwalk layout.


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