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near Novi Zagreb, Grad Zagreb (Hrvatska)

People who love Sava mounds most are runners and joggers. You’ll see many activities taking place there: from cycling, fast walking, baby strolling – but runners have almost acquired a monopoly over these trails. When you follow this Sava trail, you’ll observe captivating urban sculptures dotted around. The most memorable one is the statue of the runner.

The walk begins at Bocarski dom (bowling sport centre) and leads to the Sava mound through a small playground. It’s a long linear stroll along the river, first to the right towards the Railway bridge and then back to the left towards the Bridge Mladost. On the way back, and to avoid retracing your steps, it takes you into a residential area of Cvjetno naselje to explore some of the nicest and truly interesting socialist villas built around the early 1960s.

This is a Zagreb Honestly recommended walk, ideal for getting plenty of sunshine and fresh air, and to meet an alternative Zagreb.

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Another example of monumental socialist architecture - a primary school.
A famous grill house where you can get some great cevapi (Croatian kebab).
One of the biggest and best preserved socialist villa.
Socialist style villas from around 1960s.
Old factory Jedinstvo turned into a cultural centre.
Croatian National TV building.
Sculpture of the Cat and Kockica building in the background.
Information point about the 1964 floods in Zagreb.
Brazil night club and the Railway Bridge over the Sava in the background.


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