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near Cagliari, Sardegna (Italia)

Start/Finish: Entry Botanic Gardens. You may start everywhere of course.
This walk gives you a glance of the city Cagliari. The walk does not enter the Castello on the top. Do not hesitate to do this later, because a lot of Musea can be visited there.
During the walk in January 2017 the Botanic Gardens were closed due to heavy storms. However, go inside to visit this parc when it is opened.
The walk visits the colourful market at San Benedino and run in a circle around the Castello, where the Roman has built the Amphitheatre.
We visit the districts of Castello, Orto Botanico, Marina and the Santuatio di Bonaria (a hill).

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01 Mercato Di San Benedetto

Mercato Di San Benedetto

02 Parco Viale San Vincenzo

With Magnificent Panoramic View

03 Roman Amphitheatre

Roman Amphiteatre

04 After the storm

Broken wall of the Botanic Garden

05 Entry of the Botanic Garden

Due to the storm it was closed. Don't worry it is open now!
Building of interest

06 Via Ospedale

With nice buildings

07 Along the Arcs of the Via Rome

With many shops and restaurants
Sacred architecture

08 Santuario Di Nostra Signora Di Bonaria

With Xmas

09 Cemetery of Bonaria

With view on Cagliari


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