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Recorded August 2016

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near Na Logu, Bovec (Slovenija)

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The Triglav is the sacred mountain of the Slovenes, the highest and to which every Slovene must ascend at least once in his life. Due to the veneration they have for this mountain, their routes are very crowded and at the top the mountaineers accumulate, who stay there for hours enjoying a moment that for them is especially endearing.

It is nestled in the Julian Alps but like its neighbors, the Dolomites, were mountains disputed in the first world war, with its classic ferratero equipment to allow the ascent of the troops. The mountain has cables in all its slopes to facilitate access.

On the side that I have climbed, the Sonca River has turquoise waters at its feet and in the surrounding villages you can hire a rafting adventure.

From this side there is also the highest elevation difference to the Triglav. The mountain appears gigantic and challenging, a real physical challenge.

Although it did not carry information, nor routes in the GPS, I managed to orientate myself very well and it has left a very complete circular route, which allows to travel much of the massif for many of its nooks and crannies and despite my tendency to escape the path this time It always runs along an official route, well signposted in addition, with red and white paint.

The route is very long but passes through 3 shelters, so you can leave in two days to make it more accessible.

On the ascent I climbed the western ridge, by the Plemenice ferrata. It is impegnative as the Italians say, that is, it requires physical commitment.

The final access ferrata to the summit is more bearable and it is prolonged to descend by the other slope.

I make it very difficult following the Slovenian criteria, which establish the difficulty for a very popular audience. The technical difficulty of the ferratado steps can be compared to grade II or III and what it is necessary to consider more seriously is the brutal unevenness, reason why those who have not realized days of 2,500 ms of unevenness in the day must ponder very well their forces for Do not end up exhausted in a high mountain environment.


  • Tigrangran May 31, 2017

    I have followed this trail  View more

    For the last part of the hike, I would recommend the use of harness and carabiners for a more secure hike! Even if it is perfectly possible to get to the summit without any climbing equipment!

  • Photo of isadecai

    isadecai May 30, 2018

    Un saludo. Gracias por el track. Estamos planeando esta montaña, para este verano. ¿Sabes si es necesario reservar los refugios? Creemos que la vamos a hacer en 2 días. Las ferratas no son muy difíciles, ¿verdad? Un montón de gracias.

  • Photo of Bil 224081

    Bil 224081 May 30, 2018

    No tengo ni idea. Reservad por si acaso. Ahora todo está en internet, buscad los refugios. Creo que los escribí bien.

    Las ferratas son fáciles, para un nivel popular, y no tienen pasos con patio, aunque son ferratas eh, eso siempre es algo aéreo. Lo que da la dificultad es el desnivel, que funde las piernas, pero si lo hacéis en dos días, bien, así podéis subir más relajados y dormir allí arriba tiene que ser un planazo!

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