7.69 mi

Elevation gain

52 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

23 ft

Max elevation

86 ft



Min elevation

20 ft

Trail type

One Way




April 3, 2018
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86 ft
20 ft
7.69 mi

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near Hamamatsu, Shizuoka (Japan)

March 31, 2018
Getting to Misono Chuo Park from Hamamatsu Station

Misono Chuo Park is located at suburban part of Hamamatsu City near the center of former municipality of Hamakita. The park is excellently designed and managed with children's playground with wide variety of unique playsets including the slide shaped like polyvinyl sewage pipe (possibly recycled). This is the second time visit for me and it seems the park attracts children all year around. The area with cherry blossoms is close to the exit of the station across the railway track.

Also see Hamami (Cherry Blossom Viewing) in Hamamatsu 2
Train stop

Hamamatsu Station

There are a lot of nice parks for viewing cherry blossoms in Hamamatsu. However most of them are far from the railway stations. Misono Chuo Park is one of the most popular parks in Hamamatsu only a footstep away from the railway station. Misono Chuo Park is adjacent from the railway track and station of Enshu Tetsudo Line, Entetsu Line for short. Start of Entetsu Line, however, is not easily found. First get out from the North Exit (the opposite of Shinkansen Exit) and turn leftward entering the nearby building.

North Exit

After getting out from North Exit of Hamamatsu Station, turn left and enter the nearby building as the direction board shows.

Entetsu Building

Shin-Hamamatsu Station of Entetsu Line is located far end of the Entetsu Building.
Train stop

Shin-Hamamatsu Station to Misono ChuoKoen Station

Shin-Hamamatsu Station of Enshu Tetsudo Line is the start of the railway line bound for Nishi-Kajima Station linking Tenryu Hamanako Line. The destination Misono Chuokoen Station is Station #14. Misono Chuokoen Station is unmanned. When you get off the station you can either give the ticket to the train staff or put it in the box (photo #5). Adjoining the railway track is the park.

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