Best trails in Wisconsin (United States)

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  • Monches

    6.439891033888 miles - Moderate - by Amie47

    near Monches, Wisconsin (United States)

    TrailRank: 18.76923143863678

    Photo of Monches
    Photo of Monches
    Photo of Monches
  • frirss lake

    3.8304535637149026 nautical miles - Easy - by matthew kannenberg

    near Plat, Wisconsin (United States)

    TrailRank: 17.545458674430847

    Photo of frirss lake
    Photo of frirss lake
    Photo of frirss lake
  • Newport State Park

    7.547174498032001 miles - Easy - by Android2098

    near Rowleys Bay, Wisconsin (United States)

    TrailRank: 16.15534871816635

    Photo of European Lake
    Photo of Little cove
    Photo of Beach
  • West Bend

    5.6358367114400005 miles - Moderate - by Celeste Merry

    near West Bend, Wisconsin (United States)

    TrailRank: 14.5625039935112

    Photo of West Bend
    Photo of West Bend
    Photo of West Bend
  • Racine to lighthouse

    9.690905110432 miles - Easy - by marcopal1

    near Racine, Wisconsin (United States)

    TrailRank: 10.560981929302216

    Photo of Racine to lighthouse
  • La Grange

    4.496863316504 miles - Moderate - by Celeste Merry

    near La Grange, Wisconsin (United States)

    TrailRank: 10.560979694128036

    Photo of La Grange
  • Kettle Moraine State forest

    11.845199033096 miles - Moderate - by Android2098

    near New Prospect, Wisconsin (United States)

    TrailRank: 10.00000685453415

  • Morton county Forest, Wisconsin

    1.3191710406160002 miles - Easy - by nadiaolson

    near Mazomanie, Wisconsin (United States)

    TrailRank: 9.562501311302185

    Photo of Scenic View
    Photo of Scenic View
    Photo of Windmill
  • Island

    4.794276457883369 nautical miles - Moderate - by sturtw

    near Fish Creek, Wisconsin (United States)

    TrailRank: 8.000009506940842

  • Lapham Peak - Black Trail

    6.539310424608 miles - Moderate - by Victor Brunamonti

    near Delafield, Wisconsin (United States)

    TrailRank: 8.000009506940842