Best trails in South Korea

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  • Seoul Trail

    99.044703891224 miles - Very difficult - by KhanU2x15

    near Daragwon, Gyeonggi-do (South Korea)

    TrailRank: 50.285714864730835

    Photo of 돌담길
    Photo of 공릉산 백세문
    Photo of 스템프
  • Mountain Chul Ma 20171221

    8.336315911872001 miles - Moderate - by mogul58

    near Jakjeondong, Incheon (South Korea)

    TrailRank: 40.50000607967377

    Photo of 정수장 가는길
    Photo of 계양산 전망
    Photo of 군부대 앞길
  • Sangmun-dong

    7.312296187456001 miles - Moderate - by oceans2001

    near Sangmun-dong, Jeju-do (South Korea)

    TrailRank: 40.50000011920929

    Photo of Trail head parking
    Photo of Trail head parking
    Photo of Photo woods
  • Hadŏk

    10.89885070768 miles - Difficult - by cadorel

    near Hadŏk, Gyeongsangnam-do (South Korea)

    TrailRank: 40.000006556510925

    Photo of Info
    Photo of Info
    Photo of Info
  • 운탄길-직동-상동 순환

    37.941546354712 miles - Moderate - by winchild

    near Auraji, Gangwon-do (South Korea)

    TrailRank: 38.00000846385956

    Photo of 상동
    Photo of 상동
    Photo of 상동
  • Inchon tranzit tour

    39.350816218168 miles - Moderate - by Ganty

    near Kongdaengi, Incheon (South Korea)

    TrailRank: 38.00000548362732

    Photo of G
    Photo of G
    Photo of Z
  • Gyeryongsan Loop

    6.782266560679999 miles - Moderate - by Adam Collins

    near Sŏmun (South Korea)

    TrailRank: 37.76847422122955

    Photo of Heritage Apartments
    Photo of 1st River X
    Photo of Forked Road
  • Daytrip Seoraksan Nationalpark

    8.395346175112 miles - Moderate - by onerror

    near Sŏrak-tong, Gangwon-do (South Korea)

    TrailRank: 31.84906542301178

    Photo of Daytrip Seoraksan Nationalpark
    Photo of Biryong Waterfall
    Photo of Sinherungsa Temple
  • Aju-Guksabong-Okpo Admiral-Aju

    8.774382602232 miles - Moderate - by cadorel

    near T’ap-kol, Gyeongsangnam-do (South Korea)

    TrailRank: 30.36486804485321

    Photo of On the right
    Photo of 1
    Photo of 2
  • 여주-문막 왕복

    48.910612007088 miles - Easy - by winchild

    near Tojang-gol, Gyeonggi-do (South Korea)

    TrailRank: 30.03489077091217

    Photo of 강천보
    Photo of 강천보
    Photo of 강천보