Best trails in Sierra Leone

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  • Montée au Piquet Hill

    7.059398112312 miles - Moderate - by Ludo Ivoire

    near Koba, Western Area (Sierra Leone)

    TrailRank: 35.19565463066101

    Photo of Montée au Piquet Hill
    Photo of Montée au Piquet Hill
    Photo of Montée au Piquet Hill
  • River no2 Waterfalls

    1.6781857451403888 nautical miles - Easy - by David Sabadell

    near Number Two Village, Western Area (Sierra Leone)

    TrailRank: 33.68270397186279

    Photo of Cascada
    Photo of Riu
    Photo of Riu
  • Presa de Bumbuna - Bumbuna Dam

    1.13089556944 miles - Easy - by David Sabadell

    near Kadala, Northern Province (Sierra Leone)

    TrailRank: 23.48276674747467

    Photo of Presa Bumbuna
    Photo of Presa Bumbuna
    Photo of Presa de Bumbuna
  • Picket Hill

    8.638923682376001 miles - Moderate - by McShizzle

    near York, Western Area (Sierra Leone)

    TrailRank: 21.06098383665085

    Photo of Picket Hill
  • Tiwai Island

    2.97947486564 miles - Moderate - by degner

    near Kambama, Southern (Sierra Leone)

    TrailRank: 17.44578927755356

    Photo of Ignore this sign and go left
    Photo of Now you can walk east on the grid
    Photo of Photo
  • From Kenema to Beobu

    26.633833402696002 miles - Moderate - by 超级菜阎王

    near Tiloma, Eastern Province (Sierra Leone)

    TrailRank: 15.060985088348389

    Photo of From Kenema to Beobu
  • Tacugama

    1.4745138386160002 miles - Moderate - by Antonio Pena

    near Bathurst, Western Area (Sierra Leone)

    TrailRank: 11.655347794294357

    Photo of Presa
    Photo of Presa
    Photo of Cascada Tacugama
  • Hike to Picket Hill

    12.139728978104 miles - Moderate - by jaspertium

    near York, Western Area (Sierra Leone)

    TrailRank: 10.50000935792923

    • derrick.zamzow
  • Sinikoro - Kabala

    47.6281018668 miles - Moderate - by jaspertium

    near Sinikoro, Northern Province (Sierra Leone)

    TrailRank: 10.500002652406693

  • Sierra Léone 01 2013 - GPS 20130112

    132.515484519496 miles - Moderate - by Nicolas PC

    near Manye, Northern Province (Sierra Leone)

    TrailRank: 10.00000685453415