8.89 mi

Elevation gain

262 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

262 ft

Max elevation

268 ft



Min elevation

-22 ft

Trail type

  • Photo of Utila YT

Moving time

one hour 36 minutes


one hour 51 minutes




July 5, 2021


July 2021
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268 ft
-22 ft
8.89 mi

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near Utila, Bay Islands (Honduras)

Utila is an island in the Caribbean Sea, and it belongs to Honduras. It's one of the best places to make scuba diving, and it's also known because it's the island where supposedly stayed Robinson Crusoe.

In this track we started on our hostel (Paradise Diving) and went in the street to the left. Then we took the first street on the right until the football court, where we turned to the right. Then at the end we turned to the left, and in the first diversion we took the sandway on the left. We continued by it until the end, where we took the big sandway on the left, until the beach of the end. We continued on the beach on the right until the end of the way, then we came back on our foot to the beach. We took the second one the left, until we arrived to a blue house, where we took the narrow way on the left. We continued the way until the lighthouse (pic.1), where we climbed. We came back on our foot until the big sandway, continued until the second way on the left, that we took. At the end we took the road on the left, and turned right when we could. We continued by this way and in the first diversion we took the left to came back on our foot. We continued until Bando Beach and then came back on our foot to take the street of the hostel.

I did this track twice :)

The way is flat and mainly unpaved.


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