11.58 mi

Elevation gain

2,438 ft

Technical difficulty

Very difficult

Elevation loss

2,516 ft

Max elevation

6,490 ft



Min elevation

4,634 ft

Trail type

One Way
  • Photo of Pharping
  • Photo of Pharping
  • Photo of Pharping
  • Photo of Pharping
  • Photo of Pharping
  • Photo of Pharping

Moving time

2 hours 48 minutes


2 hours 52 minutes




November 25, 2019


November 2019

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6,490 ft
4,634 ft
11.58 mi

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near Dhebi, Province 3 (Nepal)

Pharping is a Newar village near to Kathmandu.

To go from Kathmandu, you should take a bus from Ratna Park (90', 45NPR). If you jump off in Pharping, you can countinue running on the same road where the bus came from. Then you will cross Dakshinkali, followed by Pharping Bazaar (where you see lots of shops).

After that, leave the road and take a narrow path on the right, untill you reach a new way (unpaved), where you have to keep going, taking it to the right. First the way goes up (difficult to run), but at some point it becomes flat and down, always into the woods.

Finally, you will reach again the bus road, but this time you should take it to the left. This is a non busy road, very runnable. However, it's dusty at some points. You have to pass back Pharping Bazaar and Dakshinkali to reach back Parphing.


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