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near Podhorskovia (Slovenská republika)

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Route of the most beautiful that I have known, begins in the parking of the hotel Diery, in which you have to pay € 5 for leaving the vehicle all day.

It continues along the well-marked path in blue, which is very frequented by families and groups, this produces that in many moments, in which there are steps to be carried out by stairs, chains, etc ... It is necessary to wait turn ...

It goes up through ravines, for which water falls in abundance and it becomes very fun, as if it were an amusement park ...

At all times you have to go around wet stone, with mud in abundance, so you have to go with proper shoes, in my case I chose huajaraches, in the first 10km ...

Then we started to see the famous Rozsutec, on the left you see the little one (Maly Rozsutec), but I decided to go for the big one (Velka Rozsutec). This ascent is something technical, but simple, with rain as has been the case and with the huajaraches, if it has been something complicated ... This mountain is very beautiful, its magic is felt and because it is one of the symbols of Slovakia (near de Vrátna there is a cemetery of people who have died in these mountains: -o)

After the descent is technical, with chains and stones, but simple, calmly goes down well, until you reach a level of crossroads ...

Then the climb to the peak Stoh, is like a balance test, for the mud and slips, the view is impressive, because you see where you come from and where you are going, from the top ... It is an area with great slopes and beautiful places green ... That's right, if it rains as it has been the case, get ready for a slide with many slips, like in a slide and a pinball game, I had to get down, crouched with my ass on the ground (And it is not a joke)

Then comes the climb to the Chleb, since the mud is more controllable ...

Later you get to the plain where the cable car goes down to the Vratna station (here there is a restaurant)

I climbed the Velka Kriván (Great, because there is another smaller side), a lot of wind and good views, then when running down, I ran out of water, I gave pájara and muscle load ... So I went down to the station from Vrátna below, where there is restaurant, along the green path, a descent with stones and mud, in which to fall is still the dynamic, although this time already as a zombie :-)

The idea was to continue to Stefanová and then to the parking of the hotel diery, but the body has said enough, so in Vrátna, you can take a bus that takes you to the parking lot, where is the car ...


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