236 45 0


4.28 mi

Elevation gain

1,227 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

1,227 ft

Max elevation

428 ft



Min elevation

34 ft

Trail type



one hour 9 minutes




February 21, 2011


February 2011
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428 ft
34 ft
4.28 mi

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near Luogang, Guangdong (China)

GZ H3 Run #1089 was run on 19 Feb 2011 hared by Soggy Biscuit and Pinhead and taking place in one of our favorite run sites: Faceplant Square. But it will forever be known as the "Hot Pursuit Hash" because of the numerous opportunities to catch the hares. With SirKumnavigator as one of the front runners early in the hash, he saw Pinhead and called out to him. But the cheeky Pinhead being from Australia, knows a thing or two about saying one or two steps ahead of the authorities. The chase was on and from that point forward it was a constant challenge for the hares to stay ahead of the pack. With Soggy in familiar hashing territory, the advantage was on his side but he still found many new trails and unusual ways of getting us around the mountains. With the front runners sometimes in earshot of the hares, some tried staying quiet to get closer to the hares. But Yan Can Suck kept the hares informed of our location by frequently calling out "Are You," "Checking" or "OnOn" loud enough to carry across the mountains. At one point Filthy Habits decided to keep quiet and guessing correctly on several of the checks that were being quickly set by the desperate hares broke through the bushes and was within an arms length of grabbing Pinhead. But while Filthy may be cunning, he certainly isn't fast and both hares were able to easily out run him until he had to give up the chase while running up a hill.

With Filthy waiting for some of the pack to catch up again so that they could take up the chase again, the hares gained some ground though the pack kept on pushing them and as we came back down into the village near the end of the run,once again the hares were within sight. Going through the narrow walkways between the buildings, SirKum, Globetwatter and Filthy once again surprised the hares when they broke out into wider streets. Pinhead and Soggy each took off in different directions with Filthy in pursuit of Pinhead and Soggy trying to stay ahead of GT and Sirkum. At one point Globetwatter with her great bulk broke through a small wooden walkway over a irrigation stream and ended up with a leg in some very dirty waste water. Soggy thought that he had lost them at this point and when coming back on one trail was then surprised by Double-0 Dirk and nearly caught again. And while Pinhead could easily outrun Filthy on the road when going through the deep shiggy, Filthy long legs were able to bring him once again within arms length of catching Pinhead. But luck was once again on the side of the hares and he broke out onto a road and quickly made a right turn to start running......AWAY from the bus. With Filthy making a left and going towards the bus this meant that one of the pack was now in front of a hare!

On the long stretch back to the bus at one point Filthy was then running parallel to Soggy who was trying to make it to the bus first. Once again speed was the key and Soggy's sprint put him at the bus shortly before Filthy.

Some of the runners came in shortly thereafter, along with Pinhead and after a while the walkers made their way back.

For a cool day that started off with rain in the morning we still had a turnout of 22 people though it was mostly men as the lady hashers decided that the day would be better spent watching TV.

A nice circle with many accusations and many calls for the hares to drink. The bus dropped us off near DongBeiRen restaurant for a fine meal and unfortunately many small glasses of Meatballs favorite's: Flying Dragon Baijiu! Afterwards the now content and happy hashers made their way back to the Mango to continue what they had started.


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