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near Kampung Pulau Ibol, Selangor (မလေးရှား)

This is the complete route with wikiloc tag from Cyberjaya to Vegetable farm at Elite Highway. For this route, you can do trail running, bicycling or motorbiking. car unless is it SUV then it should be OK.
I hope you enjoy the route, do share this route to everybody.
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Instead of just running, I think why don't i take photo, track the route and share it out to everybody. Just a bit of effort and many people can enjoy it.
Do email me if you have anything.
Warning: These are lonely routes as such for women runner better run in groups. OK. For guys so far it's OK.

Starting Point

Starting Point behind Lam Soon factory at Cyberjaya. There may be some dogs nearby the quary

Nearby Starting Point

Beware of dogs from the quary. Sometimes they can be very fierces. Sometimes orang asli bring their dogs along for fishing, they may run out and bark it you. Just beware and get ready some stones in your hand.

end of tar road

run towards the end of the tar road, you see a muddy road and that is the trail.

Shortcut to to Persiaran Aspirasi

In case you want to run a shorter route, you can park your car at persiaran aspirasi and run through a Indonesia Kongsi (Inside a palm tree) and you reach here.

Beware of DOG

There are some dogs here. Some can be fierce. Keep some stones and stick. If you sick of dog, you can avoid this route all together. Look at the map on the return route, you can just follow that route.

Vegetable farm under TNB cable


Farm along TNB

Vege farm along TNB cable and hill. Nice view.

Vege farm

at far end you will see Elite highway

Vege farm Gate

AT the front gate of the vege farm, the farm is open for people to go in. I went in more than 10x already so far no problem. Just don;t go in too late, There is an indo kongsi settlement there.

Vege farm lake

There is a lake at the end of the farm. Initially it was a land, due to extensive sand mining, it had become a lake. One fishman told me last time. Use to be easy to get fish at the lubuk there, now it is extremely difficult.

Elite Highway

at the end of the farm it is elite highway, from there you can walk through my hand pointed direction you can reach Dengkil R&R and have Satay Kajang Samuri. Just look out my other LSD wiki loc. It's getting late, cannot shot nice photo already. Hope u enjoy the trail.


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