Time  6 hours 36 minutes

Coordinates 4320

Uploaded March 23, 2014

Recorded March 2014

8,067 ft
3,474 ft
135.0 mi

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near San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato (Mexico)

This is the track of a ride by the Motoclassico de San Miguel de Allende motorcycle group. We left from the Italian Coffee Co. at the Glorieta de Pipila at 9:00 AM sharp. We chose a partly dirt route from the trip to Xichu. This route follows the road from SMA toward Dr. Mora. At the GTO 46 we turned south (R) toward San Jose Iturbide. At 5.5K we turned east (L) toward Tiera Blanca We followed the road for 12.5 K past El Capulin and turn left on GTO 100 toward Sta. Catalina. We follow this road for about 36.5 K through Tierra Blanca to Sta. Catalina. We leave Sta. Catalina toward Atarjea. This is a curvy paved road through the mountains. After 34.5 K we come to the turn for Atarjea and the road changes from paved to dirt/gravel. We follow this road for 48.3 K to Xichu. After lunch at a restaurant on the zocolo we head out of Xichu on the paved road. I followed this road with the group for 21 K. After 21 K the group split and part went on a dirt road toward Victoria and the other went on the paved road toward San Luis de la Paz. I took the paved road. After about 15.5 K I went down on some loose gravel while going around a curve. End of trip.


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