140.68 mi

Elevation gain

16,050 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

15,364 ft

Max elevation

4,182 ft



Min elevation

16 ft

Trail type

One Way
  • Photo of Ksamil - Përmet
  • Photo of Ksamil - Përmet
  • Photo of Ksamil - Përmet
  • Photo of Ksamil - Përmet
  • Photo of Ksamil - Përmet
  • Photo of Ksamil - Përmet


9 hours 26 minutes




September 13, 2019


September 2019

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4,182 ft
16 ft
140.68 mi

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near Ksamil, Vlorë (Albania)

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Good asphalt and wide road to Gjirokastër. Gjirokastër, a world heritage site, is crowned by a castle that, together with the surrounding villas, is well worth the visit. The problem is that to go up to the castle you have to leave the bike quite low. It is worth spending the night and spending a couple of hours in street clothes.

From here my battery of possible tracks begins; Let's see what fate holds ... The first is a fiasco. The idea was to make a detour through tracks of about 40Km when the road is 10Km that will take me to the Ujëvara and Peshturës waterfalls. It starts well, a tiny road that turns into a track with a large cliff on the left. When you get to Progonat you see that things are not going well: the track that has been flattening and had a good surface becomes a loose rock trialera with a powerful slope. The three inhabitants of Progonat look at me with the face of this one, another fool who has gotten where he does not touch. And it's the truth! Look, it's hard for me to turn around, but it seems very hard for the first day of offroad, so I turn around and go find the easy way.

I get into the Hotova Fir National Park that I have seen cool photos. Fast tracks, loose stone, without cliffs or things that scare me too much. Delighted I do the first 20km to the top of the park. If it continues like this, I will have fully guessed it! But what will I talk about! The next 45km is hell! The stone and the compact soil have given way to a limestone sand that with the rains that have fallen before have created mud flats just when the ravine is higher.

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