50 6 16


271.5 mi

Elevation gain

5,571 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

2,326 ft

Max elevation

3,617 ft



Min elevation

336 ft

Trail type

One Way

Moving time

16 hours 28 minutes


3 days 3 hours 17 minutes




October 12, 2019


October 2019
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3,617 ft
336 ft
271.5 mi

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near Hà Giang, Hà Giang (Vietnam)

Hà Giang Loop its a wonderful trip that its getting very famous in the north of Vietnam thanks to its beautiful landscapes combinig incredible mountains, valleys, rivers and rice terraces plus an amount of nice little towns and villages to discover. On my trail you can follow our steps:
•1st day Ha Giang-Yen Minh
-Heaven Gate
-Lung Khuy Cave
-Nam Dam Village
- Lunch in Quan Ba town
-There is a longer route to arrive to Yen Minh after Quan Ba that is very nice but it was dark when we were there and decided to take the short one. Be CAREFUL as the last km before Yen Minh can be dangerous as the road is quite bad.
•2nd day Yen Minh-Dong Van town
-H’Mong king Palace
-Lung Cu Flag pole tower (northern point of Vietnam, border with China)
•3rd day Dong Van town-Du Gia
- Statue
- Ma pi leng pass. Normally people do a trekking here. If you are 2 motorbikes what people do is leave one in each point(start-end) and then you can do all the walk. Otherwise, you have to do only half way like most people. Other option is do it by motorbike but there will be a moment where you can’t go further on the walk (very nice lookout) and then return for a bit and after keep going until the end of the road where it joints the main road. If you follow the trail we did you’ll understand.
At the end of the Ma pi leng pass after joining on the main road you keep going in direction to Du Gia and after only a few km there is a junction where you can go for a boat rode on the river. We really enjoyed that, you can have amazing pictures there. Only bad thing was the walk downhill to the river.
Probably the best day for me.
•4th day Du Gia-Ha Giang
There is a waterfall in Du Gia worth a visit but we didn’t go as unlucky us it was raining so there was no point on going. On the route we took we loved the landscaping. Only be careful as there is some bad parts on the road but much better than taking the shorter and southern way to Ha Giang from Du Gia.
I hope this helps you out and enjoy the Ha Giang Loop as much as we did and remember to be very careful if you don’t have experience on driving motorbike as a lot of people falls and the trucks drive crazy. Safe trip.

Quan Ba Heaven Gate

Amazing lookout of the valley and mountains.

Lung Khuy Cave


Nam Dam Village


Hmong king Palace


Lung Cu tower flag


Ma pi leng pass (on boat)

Small trek down the hill to river and taking a boat for around 40 min to see the river and canyon. Worth a visit. 100k per person.


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