49.93 mi

Elevation gain

11,795 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

9,367 ft

Max elevation

3,991 ft



Min elevation

31 ft

Trail type

One Way
  • Photo of Dracin - Theth
  • Photo of Dracin - Theth
  • Photo of Dracin - Theth


10 hours 8 minutes




September 17, 2019


September 2019

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3,991 ft
31 ft
49.93 mi

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near Dracin, Shkodër (Albania)

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The Cursed Mountains (Bjeshkët e Namuna) are nicknamed for the amount of blood shed in past wars. They have never been conquered according to the past two millennia, and that is that the area brings them to you! They are one of the poorest areas in Albania and therefore in Europe, but they are a gift for the senses. They have been 80Km of ascents and descents, of loose granite rocks and when the firm improved the potholes began. Of course, it is possibly the road with the best views I have ever done and that is saying a lot! The track follows and crosses the rivers in the area, the most crystalline water you have ever seen, with its rapids and pools that tempt you to stop the bike and throw yourself into them. If you want to skip the track, there is an easier way to get there: a paved road, the SH21, which reaches 15km from Theth, hence if you have to catch a track.

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