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near Mountain Springs, Nevada (United States)

Cottonwood Valley Trail starts on the south side of highway 160 approximately 20 miles West of Las Vegas. There is a rest area at the beginning of the trail that includes a restroom. This can be a very rough trail for 4x4's, but is a great trail for trail motorcycles. The trail runs South for about 12 miles to the small town of Goodsprings.

The trail is a beautiful scenic trail winds through the hills. Be on the lookout for wild horses and burros. If you check out the slideshow, you will see about twenty horses grazing in two of the pictures.


  • Photo of Nick Nickerson
  • Photo of ktm500exc

    ktm500exc Nov 12, 2014

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    Information is correct, Thanks :-)

  • Photo of mike250kx

    mike250kx Feb 16, 2015

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    I did this trail on an XR650l on a night ride and on a Super Tenere on a day ride. Fun ride. not very technical. only one simi tough (on an adventure bike) climb. Pioneer Saloon is a good stop in Good Spring for lunch.

  • Photo of Jeff Baker

    Jeff Baker Sep 30, 2015

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    I just rode this trail for the first time on 09/19/2015. There were a couple sketchy sections with deep washouts and one steep but short uphill with large, loose rocks that was interesting but overall not too demanding (I have a heavy 650cc class bike). Some of the scenery was amazing. There is a short side trail almost exactly 5 miles in at the intersection of Dead Horse Loop (near the intersection of Wilson Tank Rd) that takes you to an overlook with one of the best views of Las Vegas that I have found so far. My riding style is not very aggressive and if this trail was a little smoother overall it would probably be my all-time favorite hands down. As a bonus, I saw my first herd of wild horses a couple miles North of Goodsprings.

  • Photo of FTL900

    FTL900 Apr 5, 2016

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    I'd call it a very easy trail except for the small hillclimb closer to the parking lot at the beginning. The hill is maybe 3-4 miles into the ride, and I watched a Lexus SUV idle up the hill. The hill is maybe easy to moderate.
    Other than that, it's all double track gravel road. I've seen pickups and razors on it.

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