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Recorded January 2019

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near Aïn es Sihha, Mont-Liban (Lebanon)

Whenever in doubt, go snowshoeing.
This trail was done immediately one day after heavy snowfall. The trail took us from the Sohat Water Plant to the bombed out building of Tele Liban Channel 11 on top of Mount Kneisseh and back.
The snow was packed and allowed us to create our own trail by using the Channel 11 building as the visible destination (Please note this trail is only good for snowshoeing and not during fall, spring or summer where there is no snow) and moved going down and uphills.
The scenery was breath taking and the clear blue skies with the sun up made it all the better.
This trail I am rating it as difficult because it is a long trail and in the snow. The Channel 11 building was covered, from the north face, by snow that created beautiful images (see way points). Also, on the way back, at the lower banks of Mount Kneisseh we could see some oasis of green after the snow melted due to running spring water and melting snow.
I definitely recommend this trail.

Start Point


The house where the Sohat water source is


Rock Wall


Qaysamani Damn

The Qaysamani Damn is supposed to bring water to the neighboring towns and villages.

Tele Liban Channel 11

This building used to house the communication crew for the transmission tower of Channel 11 (one of two TV stations Lebanon had until the mid eighties). The building was bombed by the Israelis in early 1980s. The snow and north face effect made beautiful pictures.

End of Steep Slopes

On the way down we were faced by a steep slope that couldn't be navigated using snowshoes and poles; so we opted for a toboggan-style sliding. again. A reminder: this trail is only valid for snowshoeing NOT during summer or no snow conditions!

Kfarselwan Man Made Ponds

The residents of Falougha and Kfarselwan, with help from their townships, built these ponds to save rain and snow-melting water to water their summer crops. it ended up as a natural beauty and a touristic attraction all around the year.

Sohat Water Bottling Plant


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