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Technical difficulty   Experts only

Time  one hour 14 minutes

Coordinates 260

Uploaded August 24, 2009

Recorded June 2007

7,172 f
6,060 f
5.59 mi

Viewed 1762 times, downloaded 13 times

near Flat Ravine (historical), California (United States)

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  • Photo of FrankrijkinBeeld

    FrankrijkinBeeld Mar 6, 2010

    Nice work Freddy !! You must be running verry fast ?
    Thanks for your visist at http://www.frankrijkinbeeld.nl

    Best regards from the Netherlands

  • Photo of Freddy Klinger

    Freddy Klinger Mar 6, 2010

    Thanks for your comment. Frankly the Western States 100 miles is a future project that I hope to participate in the near future. I won't be able to run very fast :-) I'd love to! but finishing is the goal with such long distances. As you see it goes through really beautiful scenery.

    Btw, I've visited your website and I'm really curious about the location where you took the picture shown on the home page. It's a nice shot and the location is great.

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