Time  one hour 30 minutes

Coordinates 1298

Uploaded May 6, 2014

Recorded May 2014

936 ft
633 ft
12.3 mi

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near Dolina Łódki, Lódzkie (Rzeczpospolita Polska)

Nice run through east suburbs of Lodz, from Sikawa to Kolumny.

NOTE: Altitude accuracy is not correct. Real elevation gain was +50m and loss -105m.

0,0k at 260m - Start from Sikawa, following Giewont str with slight ascent towards park of General Zaruski.

1,2k at 275m - Park of General Zaruski (photos to be uploaded). After passing the park and local stadium, I followed dirt road (Henrykowska str) instead of bigger Pomorska str that usually has lots of traffic and not really much space to run.

5,5k at 235m - Mileszki. At crossing of Pomorska and Frezjowa streets (old village Mileszki) there is a wooden church from 15th century - one of the oldest in Lodz. After passing the church, trail follows Mileszki str (dirt road) for another 2k before turning sharp right into Taborowa str (at that point just a minor filed road without any markings). Very soon trail passes just next to construction area of brand new A1 highway.

8,4k at 235m - A1 construction. Trail still follows Taborowa str in south direction. After meeting rail tracks it soon crosses Malownicza str close to another construction area of A1.

10,0k at 230m - A1 construction2. All the time continuing with Taborowa str, trails passes train station of Lodz Andrzejow and later Bedon.

14,1k at 210m - Bedon train station. At this point trail leaves Lodz for a moment to enter Andrespol with Brzezinska str until main crossing with Rokicinska str.

14,8k at 210m - Andrespol. Following Tuszynska str trail enters Wisniowa gora and leaves main road to enter forest path parallel to the main road. Passes through local football field and some horse stables to reach Kolumny str back in Lodz.

17,8k at 210m - Kolumny str. Sharp right and all the way to the end with Kolumny str. For the last time trail again passes through construction area of A1.

Nice route through suburbs and partially forest of east Lodz. Level easy.

Park of General Zaruski

Sacred architecture



A1 construction1


A1 construction2




Forest at Wisniowa Gora


A1 construction3


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