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near Upper East Side, New York (United States)

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The indications that I give at the beginning in the video of where I'm heading are wrong. I left completely disoriented. Until the 6th minute of the video I do not realize my mistake.
Actually, I went by 86 St to the EAST, that is, until I reached the "East River" and not the Hudson as I say in the video. Therefore, it is not New Jersey that is seen on the other side but rather Brooklyn and Queens.
Once I reached the East River I pulled south until I ran out of the running area (the bridge in the background is the Queensboro Bridge that goes over Roosvelt Island), when I backed up river bank and decided to parallel parallel to the East River but to the north (always parallel to the FDR Drive) until the area is finished to run shortly before reaching the Robert F. Kennedy Bridge (which I think was formerly called Triborough Bridge ) at 125th Street.
I made the return in the same place.
Of course it is not one of the best places I've run. I thought there was a park parallel to the river, with softer terrain and I found a sidewalk, cement, cobblestones, etc ... And the highway next to it. But hey, as a touchdown it was worth it. The next day it was clear to me that I was going to Central Park.
With the Cascadia 7.


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