7.29 mi

Elevation gain

2,297 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

2,297 ft

Max elevation

880 ft



Min elevation

432 ft

Trail type



57 minutes




May 1, 2014


April 2014
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880 ft
432 ft
7.29 mi

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near Marysin, Lódzkie (Rzeczpospolita Polska)

Running loop in Lodz, PL in Lagiweniki forest.

NOTE: GPS log in terms of altitude is by far inaccurate. Overall elevation gain was +/- 100m

0,0k at 240m - Start from car parking located at Wycieczkowa str, just at the entrance to the forest. First 200m by the road before turning sharp right into dirt road / wide path into the forest in direction to Arturowek lakes.

0,9k at 220m - Arturowek lakes. Artificial lakes on local river with some recreation facilities (hotel, bars, boat rental etc). Very popular place among citizens for a weekend walk. After passing first two lakes and just before the last one, trail turns right into Skrzydlata str and very soon after enters deeper forest with a nice and wide bike path.

1,9k at ?m - Bike path. Trail turns slightly right following bike path. GPS signal is incorrect at this point with altitude level probably due to dense forest?... After mild ascent, the rest of this section is downhill until another group of lakes next to monastery.

3,3k at 200m - Lakes. More wild lakes with no facilities = less people :-P and even better views :-P After passing the lakes, trail crosses again Wycieczkowa str and enters east part of the forest with beautiful Chapel of Saint Roch.

4,0k at 220m - Chapel of Saint Roch, wooden chapels with springs inside. Another popular place among citizens to visit during a walk or bike ride in Lagiewniki. Trail enters east part of the forest that is in general much wilder. For next 1.5k it follows small path along the spring before turning left to cross local road.

5,5k at 230m - Local road. Trail crosses local road and enter north part of the forest, to turn right into a little bigger path. Following marked bike paths, trail makes a round of north part and returns to the same local road close to the chapels.

8,5k at 215m - Local road again. For a short section trail follows same path after chapels before turning right with the wooden bridge to start ascent into deep forest.

10,1k at 240m - With forest paths trail gets close to Wycieczkowa str near hospital for lungs deseases and enters forest again to reach starting point at the car parking.

Great place for running! Far better than boring road running routes. The forest has endless paths from big and wide to very small and hardly vissible! Same round could be done in 20 different variants!

Arturowek (lakes)


Skrzydlata (trail)



Religious site

Chapels of Saint Roch




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