27.44 mi

Elevation gain

2,936 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

2,936 ft

Max elevation

2,562 ft



Min elevation

20 ft

Trail type



4 hours 43 minutes




November 10, 2014


November 2014
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2,562 ft
20 ft
27.44 mi

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near Ptokhokomíon, West Greece (Greece)

Missing from Athens Classic marathon, we decided to run a marathon distance somewhere in Patras. Since we also wanted 'some' elevation (not just flat asphalt), we went up with valley of Glafkos, until ~21k and then returned with same route. Overall elevation gain ended up with ~1000m.

0,0k at 10m - Meeting point was street lights at Vanizelou and Solomou, but I started warming up straight from my house (not much difference though, about 600m). First stage was with big roads: Venizelou - Patron Klauss - Aristotelous until begining of Glafkos valley at the bend of Aristotelous (DEH). Not much elevation yet...

7,6k at 170m - Glafkos, DEH. Quick stop for water at the spring and we continued up with Karyas. Much bigger grade from here all the way out of the village (~10km at 315m). Later some flat section, again little climb with nice panoramic views (~13km at 400m) and nice little descent/flat part to the next spring in village Souli.

14,9k at 400m - Spring at the entrance to Souli. Another stop for water supplies and quick snack. After passing the village, the most demanding ascent was waiting for us (200m elevation in ~2,5k) with some sections more than 10% grade! We did it slowly, trying to use the minimum energy considering we had 42km to do this day :-D It went quite nice and fast :-P

18,0k at 650m - Mintzeika, spring. Ufff, the ascent was behind us... And of course stop at the spring - a big longer than previous ones. Bigger snack, lots of water and we continued with much more relaxing section (actually with even some descent and flats). Originally we planned to reach Moira, but we logged 21+km at earlier village - Gotseika - and decided this will be our turning point, exactly at the spring.

22,5k at 775m Gotseika, spring. Again longer break with some walking to enjoy the views, some magnesium, salt, snack and water and we were ready to start our descent following exactly same route down to Patra.

26,6k at 650m - Mintzeika again. Still feeling good, tempo quite fast at ~5:30/km

29,9k at 400m - Souli, spring. Same stops as on the way up. Still fine, no pains, no cramps.

36,8k at 175m - Glafkos DEH. First bigger signs of fatigue started... We applied again magnesium and salts, again ate soem snacks and refilled bottles for last section entering the city. As it appeared, the stop made our legs stones! It was difficult to just start running again... Giannis Kouros was right, saying You should never stop :-P

41,0k at 45m - Spring on roundabout. Huge problems started already at Carrefour (~39km) and here was even worse... and still ~3km to do. Quick stop this time, just to refill bottles (yes, we started to drink a lot!). Last section before us... always the worst and You know how close it is...

43,6k at 10m - Back at our meeting point. I already had my 42,2km logged some time before, but when Alekos also logged 'safe' 42,5km we decided to calebrate it by walking to the corner :-DDD Nice job! Cool run it was, with some nice elevation too! Then I jogged home for final 44,2km

I mark it difficult for both distance and pretty serious elevation gain (specially the steep section between 16th and 18th kilometer). We enjoyed very nice route and weather! I guess now 50k is waiting to be logged :-P

Roundabout spring


Glafkos DEH


Souli, spring


Big Climb




Mintzeika, spring


Gotseika, spring


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