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near San Juan Hill, New York (United States)

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Central Park is a public urban park located on the island of Manhattan, in New York City. The park has a rectangular shape and approximate dimensions of 4000 x 800 m.

With some 25 million visitors per year, Central Park is the most visited park in the United States. In addition, its appearance in numerous films, in addition to television programs, has made it one of the most famous urban parks in the world.

Central Park limits on the north with 110th Street, on the west with Central Park West, on the south with 59th Street and on the east with Fifth Avenue. The stretches of these streets that pass around Central Park are usually known as Central Park North, Central Park South and Central Park West, respectively; although Quinta Avenida retains its name as it passes through the eastern side of the park.
Although it looks like a natural park, it contains several artificial lakes, two ice skating rinks and grass areas used for various activities such as tennis, baseball, soccer, etc.

I could not stop making a beautiful circular race around the outer perimeter of the marque and enjoy this sport icon in one of the world capitals such as New York. Although this activity leaves a bit of the routes that we are used to hanging on this website here I leave this for lovers of travel to New York. An easy asphalt race but with views that leave you all the way hallucinating with the hundreds of runners, cyclists and especially with the beautiful views of the city. An oasis of nature in the capital of iron and concrete.
We could not let the Moskys go through a race through the mythical Central Park in New York. The option chosen Part of the Seventh Avenue where we entered the asphalt circuit that surrounds the entire park. It consists of about 10 kilometers and forms a complete return to the park. The entire circuit is marked with the direction of the march, the lanes for runners, cyclists or horses. And it is a pleasure for the senses to enjoy this redoubt of nature within the great city, to share with hundreds of people the practice of your favorite sport.
The Moskys made the circuit by bike. Our recommendation is to rent it with one of the street vendors that are in the vicinity, since the park rents them for 60 dollars two hours and on the contrary there are companies that are located in the adjoining streets and for 25 dollars you have a good bike to Take the tour
In my case I did it running, very quiet and inside the park there are hundreds of trails I recommend to go along a stretch stuck to the big lake, the views are unbeatable for sample here I leave a picture.
I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

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