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near Kastet, Oarje-Götalándda leatna (Ruoŧŧa)

This was done at touristy pace of 13.7km moving speed in 1h52 with 20 cm wheel cross skates.

It is mostly narrow aslphalted roads with a bit of summer tourist traffic. You need to be careful as roads are too tight for two crossing vehicles and just enough space to face an oncoming cyclist or rollerskier.

You access the start after a free 100 metre ferry ride. The track goes to the next Ferry (Malö Orust) but it does not continue into orust.

The 20cm wheels are over the top for this route. This can be done perfecly on 15cm wheels (Skikes) or standard rollerskis.

If you do it on rollerskis you have better have a good braking system. Narrow roads, some ups and downs, curves, and oncoming traffic. Not a place to go without brakes.


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