18.68 mi

Elevation gain

2,313 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

1,591 ft

Max elevation

2,568 ft



Min elevation

312 ft

Trail type

One Way
  • Photo of 2014-12-14 ヤビツ峠
  • Photo of 2014-12-14 ヤビツ峠
  • Photo of 2014-12-14 ヤビツ峠
  • Photo of 2014-12-14 ヤビツ峠
  • Photo of 2014-12-14 ヤビツ峠
  • Photo of 2014-12-14 ヤビツ峠


4 hours 54 minutes




December 14, 2014


December 2014

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2,568 ft
312 ft
18.68 mi

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near Hadano, Kanagawa (Japan)

Roller skating from Hadano to Miyagaze lake via Yabitsu pass.

The road starts off a bit too steep for me, with 2kg per skike + 700g per boot it was a tough warm up.
The way to Minoge bus stop was for me the hardest part. Comparatively more traffic than the rest of the road also didn't help much I guess. Some guy called out and asked me where I was going, adding that he'd never been such a thing a my rollers. I saw the last momiji on the side of the road and I could only spot these trees because of my incredibly slow pace.

After Minoge the road is less steep and I could make progress without stopping too much. A few cyclists on their road bike passed me effortlessly. At 2 or 3 spots there was enough space between trees to have a clear view of Fuji-san. Very large snow drifts indicated the fierceness of the wind up there (originally I had plan to go there this very day).

After finally reaching Yabitsu pass I talked with two cyclists also marveling at my gears. At the end there were taking close ups of my rollers and after a few minutes of this strange interview answering questions I set off towards Miyagase lake. At first the slope was rather steep and I used the break because I wasn't very confident above 40 km/h. Unfortunately after a few kilometers the road got all but flat and with downhill not exceeding 2 or 3 degrees I still had to produce considerable efforts compared to cyclists.

I was particularly glad to reach the bus stop after quite a lot of efforts. After a long hike I'm usually a bit disappointed to be done but this time although it was done in less than 5 hours I was really glad to be done. The reason is partly due to the long flat and tiring road stretches but also because I had attached the skikes too tight and it was starting to hurt too much.

To save weight I had intentionally left the DSLR at home, and I forgot to take the compact digital camera so I ended up taking shots with my cellphone... as usual very disappointing results because there were a couple of nice shots to take on the way.

After several months relying on my cellphone GPS and recording noisy data my dedicated GPS has finally returned to me and works well. This is a great relief.


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