Time  53 minutes

Coordinates 589

Uploaded March 15, 2020

Recorded May 2019

6,456 ft
6,228 ft
1.48 mi

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near Almo, Idaho (United States)

We were here 29 april 2019 – 5 may 2019

We really loved our time in City of Rocks. This is a place worth visiting of its own accord! It’s possible to enjoy almost every type of climbing here, from bouldering to multipitch trad climbing. For this reason you might be able to have extensive prior knowledge about multipitch trad climbing or no knowledge at all when you go bouldering. Most of the climbs we did here felt graded on point. Take the time to come here and enjoy the wonderful climbing in a very beautiful setting.

Looking to bag your first multipitch trad with a free rappel to boot? Here’s your chance! ‘Lost arrow’ (5.7) is a classic and a beauty. 2 pitches long with a 5.7 to start and a 5.5 to finish. Consider taking runners and gear placement to minimize your rope drag. Not only beginners love this route. Even with its far approach of 50 minutes you can expect multiple teams waiting at the base to start climbing on a weekday. Come early and try to move as quickly as possible for you within save grounds. Enjoy the view from the top before creeping over the edge for the free rappel. A 70 m rope or two 60 m ropes get you down safely.


The lost arrow spire lies further into the reserve and takes a proper approach to arrive there. Park at the ‘Flaming rock trailhead’. Walk North past South Creek and Center Creek for 2 km. Follow the path curving to the East just after Center Creek. There is a sign pointing left (North) to Lost Arrow spire after 100 m.


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