13,992 f
6,757 f
18.14 mi

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near Beaver Creek, Wyoming (United States)

10 peaks, 29 kms, 3600m height gain - amazing traverse across the great peaks of the Tetons. We did the normal programme, 3 days & 2 bivis - at the Grandstand (below the NE face of the Grand Teton) and on the col between Middle and South Tetons. The day after we finished, a new speed record was set by Nick Elson in 6:30:49!
The GPS played up so the track combines some of our actual grand traverse and some of our recce trips beforehand. The key to our success was taking the time to wait for a good weather window, and even so the cold on the NE face of the Grand Teton was probably the hardest part.
More info on the route at https://www.mountainproject.com/v/the-grand-traverse/106565238


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