Thanks 10 million!

We are already over 10 million people sharing trails across the whole planet


Graphic design in which various kinds of athletes do different types of activities, such as hiking, running and cycling.
Hikers, runners, cyclists and lovers of many other outdoor sports make up the community

We are already over 10 million people on Wikiloc sharing trails across the whole planet! It’s great to be an active and involved community made up of true outdoor activity lovers.  

Hikers, cyclists, runners, skiers and other active people doing up to 80 other different types of activities, we have all shared our trails with others year after year, making Wikiloc a place where one can find the best trails and good inspiration to continue enjoying our privileged environment. Up until April 2022, together, we have shared over 32 million trails with 38 million waypoints and 57 million photos, some of which come from the farthest reaches of the planet!  

The Wikiloc team wishes to thank you for your trust. Our thanks goes out to those who started out with us back in 2006 when it all began as well as the new members who have recently joined the community 16 years later. Thanks a million!  

Thanks for your priceless contribution that makes it all possible, for sharing your experiences and knowledge, for researching and documenting the history of so many places, for bringing new life to old trails and for taking care of the landscapes wherever you go. 

We will continue working with the conviction that the best future is one in which we spend more time enjoying outdoor activities and preserving the environment as a legacy for future generations. It is our wish that together we can keep learning and discovering new and fascinating places for many more years to come. 

To a community that is a perfect 10!